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HENAN MIDI I./E. TRADING CO.,LTD. Is the International Department of Midi .build in 2016 .Its business range include Poultry Feed Additives,Pigment and water treatment chemicals.we uphold the "integrity ,quality ,innovation, and win-win" business philosophy, to "Best Or Nothing" as the management goal, perseverance, unyielding, continuously explore and use the new production technology and production equipment, for customers to build high-quality products with good quality.Water Industry : PAC,Aluminium SulphateFeed Biotech:DCP, MCP, MDCP ,CORN GLUTEN FEEDMIDI TRADING :SLES LABSA CAB IRON OXIDE our company aims to foreign customers to provide quality services to our customers, first-class technology, stable quality, reasonable price.Wish we can be great friend and business partners.Thanks
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Henan, China
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11 - 50 People
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Below US$1 Million
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Henan Midi I./E. Trading Co., Ltd.
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